The Land Portal Attends the 2018 Global Land Forum | Land Portal | Securing Land Rights Through Open Data

Working on and with open data means that we are avid believers in the notion that pathways of information should be opened up, that we are building the proper technological infrastructures for information to be appropriately shared, thereby creating connections.  Networks such as the International Land Coalition serve this very same purpose; with the exchange of information and knowledge being one of the Coalition’s main missions.  

From the 24-26 of October, the Land Portal had the pleasure of attending the Global Land Forum 2018.  Taking place in Bandung, Indonesia, the events gathered hundreds of attendees from Asia, Central Europe, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East and hosted a mix of UN organizations, government agencies, academics and community organizers.  The event focused specifically on the following four major themes: effective action against land grabbing; agrarian reform and global development challenges; ensuring food sovereignty as well as gender in relation to land related-issues. 

By convening all members and key partners of the network, whom may not typically interact, the Forum creates opportunities for participants to learn from and contribute to land governance successes and challenges in an action-oriented fashion.  All in all, the conference was a fruitful opportunity to meet with other like-minded organization, with the Land Portal providing a specific open data angle that we hope the Coalition’s other members will be able to benefit from.  We look forward to participating in future events and collaborating on issues of importance!


The Bandung Declaration can be found here.  

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