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Dear Friends and Colleagues:

As we get to the end of the year, I want to sincerely thank you for your support and trust in 2023. Whether it is something you read or a webinar you attended, it is my hope that the Land Portal has been a positive resource for you, your work, and your community.

From all of us at the Land Portal, we wish you and your loved ones a healthy and happy holiday season.We look forward to connecting with you in 2024.  

Laura Meggiolaro
Managing Director



A few 2023 highlights...

In JANUARY we launched a podcast episode about a largely unexplored subject matter: the land rights of persons with disabilities.
In FEBRUARY we received a three-year €1.6 million grant from the European Union. 

In MARCH we hosted a webinar on the Maledu judgment and tenure rights recognition. 

In APRIL we co-published with FAO a treatise on the role of metadata and open data in land administration. 

In MAY we drew more than 350 people to a webinar on indigenous land rights and the biodiversity COP15. 

In JUNE we published the Botswana and Zambia State of Land Information (SOLI) reports. 

In JULY we were again media partners for the annual LANDac conference around fair transitions and the politics of land.

In AUGUST we rounded up four articles on coping with climate stress while facing land insecurity.

In SEPTEMBER we hosted our most popular webinar of the year around carbon markets and indigenous lands and advocated for open land data in Madagascar. 

In OCTOBER we comprehensively updated our Land and Conflicts issue page. 

In NOVEMBER we celebrated the publication of our 80th country profile with the publication of the Iraq profile.

In DECEMBER we shared our reading list on “open data for what?”

Lastly, we said thank you to Board Chair Tim Fella and Board Member Dr. Ritu Verma, who guided the Land Portal team through growth and who gave us thoughtful parting interviews.
Thanks for coming along for the ride! We have ambitious plans for 2024 and are excited to share more with all of you in the coming months. Stay tuned for our full 2023 Annual Report in the new year. Happy holidays and a happy new year!

The Land Portal Foundation creates, curates, and disseminates open-access land governance information by fostering an inclusive and accessible data landscape. All of our efforts are in support of our mission to INFORM people, OPEN critical data and information, and DEBATE perspectives on land. We believe that access to information is crucial for achieving good land governance and securing land rights for landless and vulnerable people. 


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