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Informal documentation

Informal documentation

This indicator expresses the percentage of respondents who personally own their homes -- home owners only -- with informal documentation only.

In all nine countries studied, residents who said they personally own or rent their homes were asked whether they had property documentation to support their right to live there. Questions about documentation were asked only to respondents who say they personally own or rent their homes, as opposed to those who say a family members owns or rents it.Those who indicated they did were asked about the type of document, with the results used to distinguish roughly between formal and informal records.

- For homeowners, formal documents include a title, deed or some country-specific form of formal record. Any other document cited by respondents is regarded as informal.

- For renters, a lease deed or agreement is the only type of document categorized for the purposes of this survey as formal.6 Any other type is regarded as informal.

Source: Gallup (2017), Global Property Rights Index 2016. Testing of a New Survey Module on Perceptions of Land Tenure Security in Nine Countries (Available here:

The PRIndex data presented here -- originally created by by Land Alliance in association with Gallup, Inc. -- can be reused under the terms of the CC BY-NC 4.0 licence (Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International, see:

For more information, please visit or consult the following report: .

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