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Data - Statistical Data Perception of "petty" corruption for land services

Perception of "petty" corruption for land services

Perception of "petty" corruption for land services

This indicator measures respondent's perception about "petty" corruption in the land sector.

In particular, the 2009 round of the Global Corruption Barometer included the following question:

"How serious do you think is in this country the problem of bribes being paid to land authorities to obtain favourable decisions in selling, buying, leasing, inheriting and registering land, or in land tax declaration, or in handling land disputes?"

Possible answers were the followings:

- Not a problem at all
- Moderate
- Average
- Serious
- Very serious problem
- Don’t know / No Answer (NA)

We used the weights provided in the original dataset provided by TI and calculated the weighted proportion of repondants chosing each answer, by country.

For more information around the TI's GCB please visit:

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Perception of "petty" corruption for land services
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Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs

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