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The Interlaken Group (link is external) is an informal network of individual leaders from influential companies, investors, CSOs, government, and international organizations, assisted by LEGEND funding since 2015. The purpose of the Group is to expand and leverage private sector action to secure community land rights. Together they develop and disseminate new tools, incubate in-country working groups for community tenure implementation, and advance new “pre-competitive” mechanisms to accelerate private sector learning on responsible land rights practices. The Interlaken Group was formed  at the Rights and Resources Initiative (RRI) 2013 International Conference (link is external). DFID funding is provided through RRI, which hosts the secretariat.  

Over the course of 2018 and 2019, the Interlaken Group has worked with LEGEND partners to catalyze three new in-country working groups in Kenya, Malawi, and Laos. The purpose of these platforms is to accelerate the implementation of land tenure reforms by providing new spaces for collaboration and partnership between local private sector stakeholders, CSOs, and developing country government representatives. Some of the resources that the Interlaken Group has published include: