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Prindex is a global index and set of tools that collects and makes available data on citizen's perception of security of their rights to property and land.  People’s perceptions of security influence their readiness to invest time and money into their homes and farms and can drive social and economic behaviour in various ways. Perceptions are a critical element of tenure security, included in the Millennium Development Goals, and Prindex was established to enable accurate comparisons of perceived tenure security in different countries and under different legal frameworks for land and property rights.  Prindex provides a resource for researchers, governments, entrepreneurs, and the global land rights movement to take action based on accurate and up-to-date information, and make possible the changes that will bring about more secure, productive and dignified societies. As of December 2019, Prindex provides country-level datasets for thirty-three countries based on nationally representative samples of individual women and men, not only heads of household.  Prindex is collecting additional country data in collaboration with Gallup World Poll, and will cover 140 countries by mid-2020. Prindex's methodology has been refined through prior, experimental, rounds of data collection, including a nine-country pilot in 2016 and a three-country test survey in 2017. Prindex is a joint initiative of the Global Land Alliance (link is external) and Overseas Development Institute (link is external) with staff from both organisations working on the project alongside expert consultants.