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Community / Land projects / ADEL - IDP Crisis Response in Cabo Delgd

ADEL - IDP Crisis Response in Cabo Delgd


11/20 - 01/21


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ADEL – Associação de Desenvolvimento Economico Local, works in the communities of the Province of Cabo Delgado in the area of Cyclone Kenneth recovery, COVID-19 prevention and some specific interventions to support IDPs. Adel (Agencia de desenvolvimento economico local) is a local organization focusing on Access to Information, Community/ Customary Land Rights, Economic Empowerment, Environmental Justice, Governance, Land <(>&<)> Natural Resources and has been involved in humanitarian response activities in partnership with national and international organizations. On this project will be targeting: 1. IDPs awareness of Covid-19 prevention through youth engagement at 25 de Junho accommodation center (around 2800 households); 2. Distribution of dignity and hygiene kits at 25 de Junho accommodation center 3. Distribution of agriculture tools ( hoes, machetes, forks and sharpeners) at Ngalane resettlement center. 4. Rehabilitation of school latrines, bathing facilities and hand washing stations in Nacopo, Nanlia and Saul. 5. Intallations of10 m3 plastic tanks for hand washing stations in schools at Nacopo, Nanlia and Saul. 6. Supplie of patable water for the existing water deposits at Ancuabe – Nanjua accommodation center.

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