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Advocacy for Change


01/16 - 12/20


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For the period 2016 to 2020, Solidaridad and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will join forces for sustainable sector transformation for thirteen selected agricultural, mining and industrial sectors in twenty six countries and the emergence of sustainably managed landscapes in four countries. Sustainability is defined by its economic as well as its social and environmental dimensions. Inclusive and sustainable development is the primary concept: sectors that provide fair and profitable livelihoods and business opportunities to all, and guarantee decent and equitable living wages for men and women, in a way that does not deplete the landscapes where people thrive, now and for generations to come. Solidaridad has a strong track record in creating sustainable supply chains in developing countries. The focus has been mainly on stimulating good practices resulting in sustainable farming, mining and industrial practices. However, experience shows that more is needed. For a transition toward socially and environmentally sustainable sectors, cooperation between stakeholders at landscape level and an enabling policy environment are key additional ingredients.


The overall objective of the landscape component in the proposal to the DSO is to strengthen the capacity of landscape stakeholders to effectively and inclusively resolve sustainability issues and competing claims in four landscapes of global importance by 2020. For each of the sustainable landscape programme countries we foresee three concrete outcomes: 1) the establishment, strengthening or improvement of a multi-stakeholder landscape governance structure; 2) the scaling of current or new solutions for landscape management; and 3) the implementation of enabling frameworks, policies and incentives for sustainable landscape management. The Enabling Policy Environment component aims to support democratic and inclusive, participatory processes to enable the participation and representation of vulnerable groups in policy- and decisionmaking. Solidaridad aims for inclusivity in both public and private sector policies, at local, national and international level. Through support to the capacity development of vulnerable groups, civil society and producers to participate in private and public sector policy making, we want to contribute to policy instruments and frameworks that enable inclusive and sustainable development. We envision four types of outcomes: 1) improved policies of private sector associations; 2) improved national policies and implementation mechanisms; 3) improved land tenure and land rights in commodity/producing areas; and 4) government incentives for inclusive and sustainable production.

Target Groups

vulnerable groups, civil society, producers, miners, public sector institutions, companies