Agropastoral Development and Local Initiatives Promotion Programme for the South-East (PRODESUD) | Land Portal
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Harold Liversage, IFAD <>

Geographical focus

The programme intended to initiate a process of community-led sustainable development for 11,000 households in the Governorates of Tataouine and Kébili. To this end, it created instruments to promote participatory and sustainable management of pastures and water resources; to improve livestock husbandry practices; and to promote local economic initiatives.

The programme recognized socio territorial units (STUs), a combination of a pastoral territory and social group, as basic unit for pasture and environmental management, and established STU development plans. It further provided assistance in the formation and empowerment of Agricultural Development Groups (GDAs), which helped to strengthen the position of the population in relation to development agents and policy makers and consequently led to efficient collective rangeland management, which reduced conflicts related to grazing arrangements. Lastly the programme supported the establishment of WUAs. All of the activities specifically targeted small-scale farmers/herders, women and youth.

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