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Community / Land projects / Audit on Procurement of GESTERRA (Land Administration)

Audit on Procurement of GESTERRA (Land Administration)


06/16 - 12/16


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The Embassy of Sweden in Maputo (EoS) supports a capacity building support to land administration under a project named GESTERRA in Mozambique since September 2013. The programme is co-financed between the Government of Mozambique, Sweden and the Embassy of the Netherlands. The program is under the leadership of DINAT (Direccão Nacional de Terras) in the Ministry of Land, Environment and Rural Development (MITADER). The total budget for GESTERRA amounts to USD 21 864 064 out of which the donors contribute with USD 15 820 000 and where Sweden’s part is maximum of USD 9 000 000 (SEK 45 000 000). The support to GESTERRA is regulated through an agreement between Sweden and the Government of Mozambique. In Annex 3 of the Agreement it is stipulated that Sweden will finance (financing not part of the budget of GESTERRA) independent Annual Procurement Audits for procurements made within GESTERRA above USD 15 000 (excluding VAT). This Decision concerns to such audit and shall cover the three first year’s activity period: 2013, 2014 and 2015.

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