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Cadasta Foundation


12/14 - 01/22


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Founded in 2015, Cadasta Foundation uses innovative technology, services, and advocacy to advance global land and resource rights. Cadasta targets the world’s 1 billion tenure-insecure people in areas left out of government land registry systems. Through partnerships and participatory approaches that encourage the inclusion of women and other marginalized groups, Cadasta enables individuals, organizations, communities, and governments to make data-driven decisions and put communities and their needs on the map. Partners using the platform to securely store and manage land and resources data can access high-quality imagery, data layers, dashboards, and analytical tools for monitoring, advocating, and reporting. By realizing their land rights, households and communities are improving their lives and making their communities more sustainable. Cadasta has advanced land and property rights for over 1 million vulnerable rural and urban people in 17 countries and continues to expand its tools and services to reach millions more.

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