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Community / Land projects / Cambodia Democratic Reforms (CDR) Program

Cambodia Democratic Reforms (CDR) Program


11/15 - 06/20


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(Cambodia): CDR is improving political competitiveness and government accountability by strengthening democratic systems and supporting the ability of citizens to more effectively participate in their country's political processes. CDR will focus on citizen participation at the sub-national and national levels, with an emphasis on women and youth. It will work with local civil society organizations (CSOs) to bolster constructive civic engagement to advance respect for human rights, access to basic services, electoral reform, land rights, social accountability and anti-corruption efforts. CDR will work with local CSOs to support emerging women leaders to develop skills to engage in politics, build relationships with elected officials, and influence decision-making in target provinces. It will train potential female candidates and prepare those chosen by parties for inclusion on candidate lists for the 2018 national elections. CDR will transition much of the activities to local CSOs.