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Community / Land projects / Capacity development programme, Locally Controlled Forest Restoration (ITP+)

Capacity development programme, Locally Controlled Forest Restoration (ITP+)


06/20 - 06/26


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This contribution is a capacity building programme within environment and climate. The aim of this contribution is to enable and support smallholders/local communities to sustainably restore degraded forest landscapes. Forest degradation and deforestation have severe negative effects on livelihoods for rural and urban societies, biodiversity, climate and ecosystem services such as sustainable access to clean water. There is a urgent need to halt deforestation, restore degraded forest land and manage remaining forests sustainably. There are several international initiatives, processes and agreements that have ambitions to address the challenges through forest and landscape restoration programs and there is an urgent need to provide capacity building to key stakeholders, not least forest smallholders and other groups living nearby and using the forest. In response to these developments the Swedish Forest Agency submitted a proposal tor an international capacity building programme to Sida titled "Locally controlled Forest Restoration - A Governance and Market oriented approach to Resilient Landscapes". This contribution is a support to the Swedish Forest Agency to implement the capacity building programme with start in 2020.

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