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Community / Land projects / Care Country Office Vietnam (SPA)

Care Country Office Vietnam (SPA)


01/18 - 12/21


This project is part of


"Bridging Bonds": Supporting for Innovations that will support technology-enhanced, women-led citizen’s effective monitoring of the Clean Development Mechanism focused on hydropower plant’ operation at the grassroots level.____________ "AloWeather": Work with technology partners to develop cost-effective technical solutions for disseminating advisories interactive SMS and voice, and collecting payments from farmers.____________ "A Climate Service Menu for Southeast Asia (CliSM)": CliSM will identify successful pathways of local-to-national CS-VCs that will inform the development of a framework to assess and design CS-VCs and a guide to CS-VC business models. ____________ "Voice and rights of ethnic minority women": empowering ethnic minority (EM) women at the grassroots to define and advocate for their own development agenda. The action will achieve this through an integrated cycle of research, advocacy and capacity building for change.____________ "Promoting Land Rights for Ethnic Minority People in Vietnam": restoring the rights of ethnic minority people in Vietnam to the community forest lands over which they have traditionally had access and control. It will do so through garnering support from policy makers for recognition of rights and by building capacity for advocacy