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Community / Land projects / CCT-SDSU Church and Community Human Rights Development 2016-2020

CCT-SDSU Church and Community Human Rights Development 2016-2020


01/16 - 12/20


This project is part of


The Church and Community Human Rights Development under SDSU supports local churches in 13 provinces focusing on ethnic minorities and migrant workers who encounter problems on legal personal status, land rights, migrant rights with approximate number of 14,625 people in 63 communities. This obstruct them from accessing to governmental services/welfare and do not received social & economic justice in utilizing natural resources. The project goal is the rights holders have access to appropriate basic rights and are able to manage community land and natural resources sustainable which enhance their life quality. The project target groups include ethnic minorities and migrant workers. Project objective are to legalize person status and land rights, and to promote awareness of gender equity by working to reduce gender based violence. Project expects that project staff and human right volunteers are expert in the legal status application process. Networking and alliance links among human rights actors and support the development of shadow reports on human rights. Policies & regulations contributing to equality and fair access to land and natural resources. Root causes & consequences of gender based violence have been promoted and aware. Enabling environment for civil society; and strengthen CSO networking, at local and national levels. Develop appropriate working tools such as manual guide and curriculum for legal personal status and land rights in Thailand. Main activities include capacity building for church volunteers, curriculum and tools development, rights holders empowerment, promotion of gender equality, advocacy for fair access to land and natural resources, monitoring an enabling environment for Civil Society Project thematic areas include legal status and citizenship, gender equality, land rights, and migrant rights.  Other stakeholder including CCT administration, Government local authority, NGOs, and private sector/organization.


This project mainly contributes to results within Fulfilment of human rights commitments. Results will be reported later in the Global Civsam grant period 2016-2020

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