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Community / Land projects / CED Earth Day Mobilisation in Africa

CED Earth Day Mobilisation in Africa


04/17 - 04/17


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The purpose of the project is to convince actors in selected countries to join in a series of national activities around the campaign objectives on or around April 22nd, 2017 Activities will all aim at: - Pointing out violations of local communities and indigenous peoples# land and resources rights - Suggesting solutions or paths to be explore for properly addressing the issues of local communities/indigenous peoples land and resources rights Some activities could include: - Press conferences bringing together victims of violation and land and resources rights - Series of papers in newspapers exposing violations of land and resources rights - Opinion pieces in the media exposing weaknesses in the policies or legislations on land and resources rights - Public statements by preeminent personalities in support to local communities/ indigenous peoples# struggles - Meetings of victims with national authorities to convey messages on needs The countries targeted Countries will be selected according to a set of criteria a. The presence of a network of partners of at least one of the co-conveners (ILC, OXFAM, RRI) b. An ongoing land law reform process c. The strategic nature of the country for catalyzing reforms in other countries On the grounds of those criteria, the following 18 countries are targeted: 1. West Africa: Liberia, Mali, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Niger, Togo 2. Central Africa: Cameroon, Chad, CAR, Republic of Congo, DRC, Gabon 3. Eastern and Southern Africa: Uganda, Tanzania, Madagascar, Malawi, South Sudan and Kenya. They all represent the cultural diversity of Africa (except the Maghreb), and the different production models and legal systems existing in the continent. They also collectively represent a huge diversity of problems associated to the recognition and protection of communities# rights. What will happen 1. CED will coordinate with one NGOs or platform in each of the targeted countries to find out the possibility of getting theminvolved in the campaign 2. CED will explore possibilities of having activities on April 22nd, and will have a set of activities for each of the countries agreeing to be part of the campaign 3. CED will provide support directly or through one of the co-conveners (technical support) 4. With the 10 000 Dollars provided by Oxfam, CED will be able to provide a small amount to cover costs that can#t be covered otherwise 5. CED will gather information on the activities and report on what happened during the campaign in the selected countries.

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