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Community / Land projects / Chittagong Hill Tracts Watershed Co-Management Activity (CHTWCA)

Chittagong Hill Tracts Watershed Co-Management Activity (CHTWCA)


08/13 - 12/23


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(Bangladesh): This activity builds regional resilience through an integrated, inclusive ecosystem co-management approach that conserves the natural habitats of the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) watershed. It will provide technical assistance to the Forest Department, Ministry of CHT Affairs, Hill District Councils, Village Common Forest Management Committees, and forest-dependent communities to protect and manage forests and watersheds of the CHT. The activity will implement the approved Integrated Watershed Management Action Plan and conduct natural regeneration surveys to inform forest baseline status, and utilize GIS mapping to identify suitable micro-watersheds for assisted natural regeneration activities. It will continue to raise awareness against forest and wildlife crimes and provide training on climate change adaptation, sustainable forest management, social cohesion, and market-linked resilient livelihoods. Social cohesion activities will help mediate land tenure and communal conflict among host communities affected by Rohingya migration.Protection of forests contributes to the prevention of landslides and long-term ecosystem services for food, water, and livelihoods and thus supports the U.S. government's objective of strengthening resilience to natural hazards. Funding within this IM contributes to meeting the required Host Community ($257,598), Combating Wildlife Trafficking, Microenterprise and Livelihoods, and Gender Based Violence directives. $200,000 biodiversity funds will be attributed to Adaptation Indirect.