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Community / Land projects / Climate change adaptation and environmental degradation prevention through water and land management

Climate change adaptation and environmental degradation prevention through water and land management


04/19 - 12/21


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This project is based on Suma Marka's experience in implementing community environmental monitoring and water management processes in 2018, and aims to consolidate 1) the strategic thrusts that govern Suma Marka's projects: Organisation, Training, Local Information Gathering and (Collective) Citizen Action and 2) principles of citizen participation; equality and gender equity; child protection; respect for the customs and cultural traditions of the Andean region. The project also aims to implement a creative space for young people currently following technical or professional courses, from rural and urban areas. In many cases they know the needs of rural populations first-hand. The space will enable them to propose and execute low-cost projects, through seed funding, that have a socio-environmental impact, with the support of a network of local, national and international professionals seeking a space to share their experiences and knowledge. In the first year of the project, forestation and protection of water source activities will be completed in the Chacas lagoon microbasin, along with monitoring with the school and university. Suma Marka will also develop a comprehensive platform for virtual training and reporting on the results of and tools used for community environmental monitoring. This will allow participants to have direct access to the information that has been gathered, and will also be available to their partner institutions. By the second year of the project, Suma Marka hopes to have a portfolio of projects led by monitors, rural managers, young people and women. Finally, the project also aims to organise exchanges on participatory water monitoring. As part of this project Suma Marka will continue to work on institutional strengthening, by strengthening its policies, including those relating to use of information, safeguarding, feedback and complaints handling and financial management.