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Community / Land projects / Climate Justice, Environment and Equitable access to Natural resources for sustainable livelihoods

Climate Justice, Environment and Equitable access to Natural resources for sustainable livelihoods


01/23 - 03/24


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This project is inspired by OCH and aligned to Africa framework call to; amplify local voice, agency and leadership; and achieving positive impacts for people, communities and the environment . It will contribute to three outcome areas of Kenya Uganda Resilience Programme Outcomes; Outcome3:Degraded landscapes restored and protected through sustainable land management and providing a stream of ecosystems services; Outcome4:Strengthened voices and actions of communities and civil societies that are effective in influencing changes we want to see; Outcome5:Policy & decision makers are actively implementing plans, budget and initiatives that support environment and food security, water related issues, and livelihoods of women and youth. Phase1/Year 1 NCCJP will investigate environmental protection and climate change concerns fields like in mineral exploration, land use and agro fuels areas impact in the interest of the local communities specifically in relation to people’s health and food security. This is in order to advocate for inclusion of the community in government decision making processes that have impact on their collective and subjective wellbeing. The first involves carrying out a research in four ecclesiastical provinces of Uganda. Phase2 will involve conducting provincial research dissemination in the 2 ecclesiastical provinces of Uganda where the research is conducted. The conferences will bring together analysts, politicians and experts on the issue to make their inputs but also engage with emerging policies. Participants from academia, church, civil society and government deliberate on the findings and suggest relevant lines of action. Phase3 NCCJP will train leading groups from dioceses who will conduct the campaign at the grassroots level, organize campaign materials, advocacy and campaigns, prepare policy briefs and position papers to various duty bearers and lobby leaders to push for implementation of the various policies and legislation.