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Community / Land projects / CO-Burundi Right to Food 2019-2020

CO-Burundi Right to Food 2019-2020


01/19 - 12/20


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OXFAM NOVIB IMPACT AND LONG-TERM OUTCOME The improved practices and policies of the Burundian government and other stakeholders such as private sector, allow cooperatives / farmers' organisations, especially the women farmer, to be heard and to have access to farming inputs, land and to decent work. TARGETED OUTCOMES TARGETED OUTCOME(S): Improved policies Government : (1) Legal recognitionof land access/ compulsory registration of women#s/wife#s farmers on land titles; (2) Laws and regulationsgoverning the agricultural sector are (changed) in favour of farmers and/or famers# organisations TARGETED OUTCOME: Women effectively participate in governance and leadership bodies at local level, especially in the farmers associations' structure. TARGETED OUTCOME(S): Strengthened CSOs: (3) Farmers' organisations are strengthened by having a gender approach in governance and plans; (4) A sustainable peasant seeds system is strongly supported by enabled advisory frameworks of Civil Society Organisations. EARLY AND INTERMEDIATE OUTCOMES 1. 1100 Improved Policies # Governments: Global Actors: # Cases of (sub) national governments or global actors adopting/implementing improved gender sensitive promoting small scale producers landrights <(>&<)> access towater (following Oxfam/partners actions) 2. 1400 Improved Policies: # of cases where Oxfam/partners influenced the Governments or global actors in adopting/implementing policies on (i) Sustainable food production and consumption, (ii) Land Rights and (iii) Climate Change with a gender sensitive lens. 3. 1440 Increased Citizen Voice: # of people (M/F) take action on (i) Sustainable food production and consumption, (ii) Land Rights and (iii) Climate Change with a gender sensitive lens following Oxfam/partners actions. 4. 1420 Strengthened CSOs: # or national CSOs increasingly participate in or initiate influencing and advocacy efforts on (i) Sustainable food production and consumption, (ii) Land Rights and(iii) Climate Change with a gender sensitive lens. 5. 1520 Strengthened CSOs: # CSOs influencing and advocating on farmers freedom to operate, positively strengthen innovation plant breeding and promote plant genetic diversity and Farmers Rights (as defined in ITPGRFA) contributing to the right to food. OXFAM'S PROJECT CONTRIBUTION The main contribution of Oxfam in this project is to supportthe planning, organization, control and steering the activities; ensure capacity building for all the partners administratively, technically and financially;the compilation and analysis of progress and final reports and their submission to HQ as well as the MEAL and survey implied therein.

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