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Community / Land projects / CO-Fostering women#s leadership project

CO-Fostering women#s leadership project


08/18 - 08/19


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ITo contribute to improved women#s rights and gender equality in Uganda, Oxfam has been working on women#s rights in Uganda for over 40 years. Together with our partners, we have significantly contributed to the development of gender responsive legislation, i.e. the Domestic Violence Prevention Act (DVA), the Prohibition of Female Genital Mutilation Act (FGM) and the Anti-Trafficking of Persons Act. This has been achieved through different avenues such as our convening and research roles, where we have helped to build a movement of civil society organisations and actors on women#s rights through partnership with UWONET. Our research on inequality, un-paid care work and women#s land rights continue to shape the policy agenda on women#s rights in Uganda. In the proposed project we aim to further these initial gains to achieve 2 main outcomes: 1) The Maputo Protocol and other regional declarations on women#s rights are increasingly applied by national government and traditional justice mechanisms 2) Women#s political leadership in northern Uganda is fostered to address women#s land rights and violence against women and girls Working with a local partner UWONET, these outcomes will be achieved by, on the one hand, supporting women leaders to influence policy makers on women#s rights issues using theskills and knowledge generated, and on the other, by continued dialogue with religious and cultural leaders, the justice system, local community members and other key actors on women#s land rights and violence against women and girls. Oxfam will provide the technical guidance and support to the partner UWONET in enhancing women#s leadership through application of the Maputo protocol. Our Women#s rights Advisor will continue to position this project in the strategic plan of both the partner and Oxfam. We will provide strategic linkages between the project and the available platforms on women#s rights in Uganda to shape the agenda on women#s leadershipin Uganda Through our Programme Quality and Learning Department, Oxfam will support oversight functions like developing M<(>&<)>E tools for the project, monitoring, reviews and learning functions. The partner M<(>&<)>E Coordinator will be in charge of ensuring compliance in regard to the use of the tools, data management and reporting. Oxfam will build capacity of UWONET, districts and community structures in understanding and tracking indicators, using tools and reporting. This will be done routinely through onsite support and quarterly technical support visits in project areas. Platforms such as meetings and trainings will be created to promote the M<(>&<)>E function of the project.

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