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Community / Land projects / CO-Kiryandongo massive land eviction res

CO-Kiryandongo massive land eviction res


07/20 - 01/21


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The purpose of the campaign is to gather enough evidence and information to inform both the national and international public and key stakeholders about the prevalent massive land evictions in Kiryandongo that have been happening and escalating due to COVID 19 pandemic to Increase responsible business conduct in the protection, respect for human rights (Women#s land rights) and remediation for corporate violations. This will be achieved through the following specific objectives: 1. Build a strong resilient and vibrant women coalition in Kiryandongo on massive land evictions at local and national level, which will be achieved through mass mobilization and sensitization/consciousness raising programs 2. Ensure consciousness raising among the different sections of society to mount pressure on Government, Investors and their financiers for reforms in trade practice. This will be done through trainings, advocacy and influencing land reform programs. 3. Evoke change in policy and practice regarding massive land evictions in the country. This will be done through sharing policy briefs with key policy stakeholders, using abridged versions to enable communities and key districtofficials identify policy gaps, monitor and adhere to the implementation of policy strategies and operationalisation respectively. 4. Strengthen rapid response to access to justice by affected communities in Kiryandongo especially women. This will be done throughlinking victims to justice actors institutionally for legal advice and support.

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