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CO-Support for Civil Society Organisatio


01/20 - 12/22


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Support for Civil Society Organisations piloting initiatives of the AU-EU Youth Cooperation Hub Environmental Conservation and Climate Change: Land degradation and unsustainable soil and water management are major causes of climate change in Africa. TheGreat Green Wall initiative, launched in 2007, is an AU flagship initiative to slow the expansion of the Sahara desert, combat land degradation, enhance food security and support resilience transformational communities to adapt to climate change. However,the coordination between the different projects making up the Great Green Wall deserves to be improved. Coherent mapping can help further develop the GMV, while increased support for agroforestry can provide additional incentive for young people to stayinrural areas and engage in activities that promote sustainable use of resources. natural. Agroforestry has proven to mitigate the impacts of climate change and can provide livelihoods for young people in the region. Objective: Environment: Contribute tothe Great Green Wall and strengthen efforts to combat desertification (by mapping existing agroforestry initiatives, building the capacity of women and young farmers and introducing incentives through mobile payment for ecosystem services).

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