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10/20 - 12/23


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This project aims at contributing to promoting and protecting the land rights of ethnic minorities in Vietnam through restoring minority rights over their customary lands in the process of land reallocation from State-owned forest and agricultural enterprises. The project will achieve the goals set through a comprehensive strategy combining (i) leveraging the power of the National Assembly Ethnic Council (NAEC) to make provincial authorities commit and act on effectively pushing the customary land re-allocation from SFAEsto ethnic minority communities, (ii) empowering ethnic minority communities to reclaim their rights over their customary land, (iii) facilitating multi-stakeholder dialogue for the land reallocation/return and (iv) advocacy for improving the legal framework for returning customary lands to ethnic minority communities at national level. In the joint effort with 3 other organizations, Oxfam will contribute technical expertise in training, research, media engagement and communication strategy, and policy advocacy. Oxfam will ensure that all activities adopt a gender mainstreaming approach and are fully documented through an established monitoring, evaluation and learning system. Oxfam will contribute GALS methodology to strengthen genderunderstanding among participating communities.

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