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Coalition claim civil society space


04/17 - 10/20


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This 40-month Project aims to expand space for Vietnamese civil society to engage in policy processes through capacity building forseven multi-stakeholder coalitions and advocacy for improvements in laws and policies relating to cross-cutting issues that are critical to an enabling environment for civil society. Through various capacity building activities, the seven coalitions will have improved knowledge, skills, mutual value and cooperation on fundamental human rights, role of civil society in development, policy making process, advocacy and organizational improvement. They will deploy their improved capacity in collaboratively advocating for improving policies on freedom of association, rights to access to information and freedom of assembly, which will also further improve their capacity in claiming and practicing civil rights. The Project builds on and links to the results and experience of Oxfam in supporting civil society-led advocacy coalitions, which include participation of supportive government agencies, media, academic experts, and the private sector since 2013 under the Coalition Support Program. The co-applicants to this Project coordinate four such coalitions: the Coalition on Agriculture and Farmer#s Welfare, Forest Land Coalition, Mining Coalition, and the Clean Water Coalition.Three other civil society-led coalitions/ networks # the Budget Transparency Coalition, People#s Action for Health Equity, and the migrant workers# rights network # will participate in capacity development activities of the Action as beneficiary groups. The Overall Objective of the Project is to contribute to increased space for Vietnamese civil society to engage in policy processes. This overall objective will be realized through a combination of policy advocacy, public education, and alliance building around three cross-cutting civic rights affecting civil society space: access to information, freedom of association, and freedom of assembly. These are basic conditions of an enabling environment for civil society participation in public life. The Action seizes opportunities in the National Assembly#s legislative agenda to raise awareness and seek to influence policy discussions surrounding the Law on Access to Information (passed in April 2016, entering into force in July 2018), proposed Law on Associations (to be considered by the NA in November 2016) and Law on Demonstrations (also known as Peaceful Assembly, to be considered in 2017), plus sub-law decrees and guiding circulars for each of theselaws. The Project has two Specific Objectives as follows: 1. Vietnamese civil society has increased capacity to influence policy decisions and implementation that affect their lives. 2. Policy processes on cross-cutting issues relating to civil society space are influenced by coalition members# policy recommendations. And four results as follows: Result 1: Annual plans for capacity development, cross-cutting research and advocacy among 7 multi-stakeholder coalitions are developed. Result 1 will deliver: # A political economy analysis of policy opportunities relating to Access to Information, Association, and Assembly, updated in Years 2 and 3 # Detailed schedules for capacity development and advocacy activities in Years 2 and 3 # Seven annuallyupdated advocacy strategies and plans of the seven coalitions Result 2: Coalition members have improved knowledge, skills, and mutual cooperation on cross-learning topics critical to increasing civil society space. Result 2 will make changes as follows: # 560 cumulative participants in capacity development activities (50% female) # 7 coalitions complete bi-annual Qualitative Assessment Scorecards to monitor their progress # 4 coalitions have improved capacity in advocacy, campaigning, negotiation andcommunication skills,and research as assessed through a partner capacity tool. Result 3: At least 2 advocacy campaigns on cross-cutting laws and policies relating to rights to association, information and assembly are conducted by Oxfam and the coalition partners. Specifically, the Project will produce the following changes: # 6 sets of recommendations on laws and sub-laws on access to information, association and assembly are produced and signed by Oxfam and coalition members and sent to relevant policy making bodies. # 500 state officials are reached by the coalitions# joint advocacy on access to information, association and assembly # At least 250 print, online, and broadcast media products about coalition-led advocacy over the period of the Action. Result 4: An assessment on the progress of changing civil society space in 2015#2018 is completed. Specific deliverables: # A published civil society space assessment (2000 copies in Vietnamese, 500 in English) # Assessment available online # Atleast 5 media articles about the assessment results # An academic journal article describing the findings # Findings presented at 3-5 workshops and conferences, organized by Oxfam as well as other international development partners. The Centre for Indigenous Knowledge Research and Development (CIRD), located in Quang Binh province, central Vietnam is coordinating organisation of the Forest Land coalition, or Forland. Forland#s members are primarily based in rural provinces and have advocacy relationships with MARD and the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA). In this Action, Forland#s main roles will be to connect advocacy and capacity development activities to its community-based members, in particular community-based forestmanagement groups which include a number of small ethnic minorities in the central region. They also lead on advocacy for the rights on association

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