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Community / Land projects / COLORADO RIVER DELTA



10/18 - 06/20


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The Colorado River Delta is one of the most important sites for migratory waterbirds in Mexico, providing riparian areas, lagoons, brackish marshes, and tidal mudflats that support 350,000 wintering shorebirds (31 species) and 60,000 ducks and geese (26 species). The loss of connectivity between the Delta and the Upper Gulf of California due to sedimentation and low river flow has caused significant habitat loss. This project will protect 26,600 acres of estuarine wetlands in the lower portion of the Colorado River Delta by obtaining a Mexican federal land concession and restore 5,211 acres within this area by augmenting freshwater flows and improving the connectivity with the tides to maintain lagoons, marshes, and mudflats. The project will allocate more freshwater flow to these wetlands and dredge channels that connect lagoons to the primary tidal channel.....