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Community / Land projects / Community Farming For Grassland Birds

Community Farming For Grassland Birds


08/17 - 08/20


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The goals of this project are to implement several of the highest priority actions identified in the Prairie to Pampas Grassland Bird Conservation Business Plan. We propose to 1) to engage local land owners and managers with life-cycle data of individual Bobolinks breeding on their property; this interaction will result in changes in land management that rebalance farming and grassland bird needs; 2) to assess the annual life-cycle of individual Bobolinks by collecting data both while on the breeding grounds and through tracking devices for the entire annual cycle; and 3) to use a community-based approach integrating the Audubon volunteers and undergraduate students in collecting and disseminating these data; 4) establish a network of partners in South America with which to share information gained from this work.