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Community / Land projects / Counterpart 502583 South Sudan Law Socie

Counterpart 502583 South Sudan Law Socie


10/15 - 12/15


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The 3-year project on protecting property rights in transition South Sudan was implemented by South Sudan Law Society from November2012 # October 2015. The evaluation aims to establish the extent to which the project has achieved the intended objectives. It is intended principally for learning and accountability purposes. The evaluation exercise will generate relevant findings, lessons learned and recommendations which will be shared with key stakeholders of the project and used by the implementing agencies to guide and inform future similar projects and programs in South Sudan. The evaluation will also assess the performance of the project against the pre-established indicators as per the projects log frame including the project#s relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability, impact, timeliness of implementation, and its strengths and weaknesses. The report will be shared with Oxfam Novib and other interested actors supporting land rights n South Sudan.

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