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Country Office 506491 Oxfam Novib Senega


03/15 - 05/15


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From 12 till 17 May 2015 the biannual forum of the International Land Coalition will come to Dakar. The ILC forum brings together various actors on land issues, State actors, NGO#s, Bi- and Multilateral Donors, indigenous organizations, farmers# coalitions, etc.Senegal is hosting the Assembly this year and President Macky Sall will most likely open. The forum has a political focus and this year the focus will be on Africa land issues. For Oxfam Senegal the 2015 GLF is an occasion to position our workon Land Reform and the role Oxfam plays globally to make the change by aligning all actors #efforts to promote inclusive land governance#. ILC expect participation of Oxfam in pre and post forum process and facilitating the link from local to global. Oxfam in Senegal has been involved in the preparatory meeting GLF (5 <(>&<)> 6 Feb 2015 Dakar). ILC has asked for support in the organizing committee (CNO) Oxfam International encourages us to be part of it. Since 2011 Oxfam International is a member of ILC. Michael Taylor recognized the importance of Oxfam. Oxfam participated in the last forum held in Guatemala in term of advocacy, lobbying and Oxfam WIN has been very much valued as well. Oxfam International Global Land Program (Duncan Pruett) and the GlobalCall to Action (Stefan Verwer) with partner Maliasili are planning to organize side events during the forum which will focus on promoting a culture of action and land governancestrategy. Oxfam Senegal will also host a workshop on involvement of privatesector and donors. We get input for this from our Oxfam colleagues in Boston and The Hague. We will link to Senegal land issues, LPI and the outcomes of Addis program development committee. 300 to 400 hundred people are expected in the forum and it will bean opportunity to build momentum. In Senegal, CICODEV is a member of ILC and is asked by ILC to be the lead national organizer of the forum. In view of our Land Program in Senegal and the interest Oxfam has in the ILC we have decided to support theForum for the budget line interpretations. This does not include costs for partners and speakers of our workshop which will be eventually paid from the budget of April 2015- Dec 2015.

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