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Community / Land projects / COVID 19 Response - Cash Assistance to the Syrian Refugees and Vulnerable Host Community in Jordan

COVID 19 Response - Cash Assistance to the Syrian Refugees and Vulnerable Host Community in Jordan


08/20 - 12/20


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According to Worldometers COVID 19 has affected almost all countries around the globe. As of 2 June 2020, the total number of the COVID 19 confirmed cases around the world are 6,394,452, and the number of death, 377,971. For Jordan, it is reported 746 as the total confirmed cases and 9 as death. It is considered that the government of Jordan has relatively well managed to respond to the virus comparing to other neighboring countries. However, it is also seen that the current lockdown caused by COVID 19 has brought an inevitable, negative impact on the economy in Jordan. Especially female-headed Syrian refugees, who already suffer from vulnerable livelihood conditions by their refugee status, have faced a more acute challenge due to almost zero possibility for stable income under the period of lockdown and partial curfew. The crisis and confinement measures have resulted in an increased risk of violence in the household, food insecurity and economic insecurity. With this inference JHCO designed this project targeting 60% women and girls for immediate and urgent measures that will include the provision of cash assistance directly to vulnerable women to meet basic needs and to reduce tensions at the household level, which are both linked to increased risks of violence. The government has been making a lot of effort to support the vulnerable, but external supports from the international community are still required to comprehensively respond to the COVID 19 situation with Syrian refugees and Vulnerable Jordanians because the government is also losing most of the sources for revenue. Furthermore, imposed restrictions on economic activities due to COVID 19 are expected to extend to the third quarter and till the end of the year, anxiety caused by uncertainty has brought the vulnerable psychological stress. Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization -JHCO Cash Assistance Project aims to support the most vulnerable Syrian refugees and Jordanians who have lost their means of livelihood to meet their basic need given a priority to people with disabilities, elderly, and women households. JHCO will assist (1425) Cases to cover their basic need with a one-time cash transfer through CCF two modalities (IRIS Authenticated cash assistance delivery) to the Syrian refugees and (Mobile wallets - Mahfazti ) for the Jordanian. The family size in this project is (4, 5, 6, 7+) totaling (7125) beneficiaries (70% Syrian, 30% Jordanian) in (Ma’an- Al karak- Al Balqa- Jarash). Beneficiary names will be received from UNHCR, and as for Jordanian from the National Aid Fund NAF. According to COVID 19 Response Task Force (CRTF) the implications for COVID-19 Emergency Response is 49,000 cases identified as eligible .therefore JHCO will coordinate with UNHCR to target Syrian refugees eligible cases in ( Ma’an – Al Karak – Jarsh – Al Balqa ) and with NAF for the Jordanian. The Verification on eligibility will be done via RAIS according to the eligible cases 49,000. JHCO will disburse the one-time assistance via the Common Cash Facility ( CCF ) As JHCO is a member of the CCF. The amounts provided are based on the safety net packages according to the sector of the basic need. The basic need Sector decided on amounts depending on the family size, for the families who have lost their usual source of livelihood and struggle to cover their basic needs.