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Community / Land projects / DLCI 'Axn on Comm. Land Act in ASALs'

DLCI 'Axn on Comm. Land Act in ASALs'


08/17 - 07/19


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The Drylands Learning and Capacity Building Initiative (DLCI) for Improved Policy and Practice in the Horn of Africa (DLCI) is an independent non-profit organisation registered in Kenya. DLCI promotes learning and advocacy on dry land issues throughout East Africa. In recent years it has focused on Kenya particularly the counties of Turkana, Isiolo and Marsabit. In 2016, DLCI carried out an extensive process of consultations with remote and marginalised communities in Turkana, Isiolo and Marsabit to identify key concernsand issues around community land law and community benefits as well as participation of marginalised communities in policy and planning consultations. DLCI proposes to continue with community consultations in these counties, and that their voices are represented and concerns addressed in the community land registration regulations and support is provided for communities to register their landthat will mitigate conflict and ensure strong sustainable management in future. DLCI will also lobby and raise awareness with government agencies to promote genuine community participation in policy and planning processes and improve the relationship and trust between government and communities in the new administration. DLCI will promote access to critical government policies and strategiesand evidence based analysis by developing a policy portal on its website and developing policy syntheses and accessible communication materials on critical issues.

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