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Community / Land projects / Empowerment and access to justice

Empowerment and access to justice


04/14 - 03/15


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After two tumultuous years characterized by the occupation of the north of the country by armed groups , a coup , suspension of development aid and the deployment of French troops, African and UN in the country , Mali is turning point in the crisis. However, to do this , the Malian government has to face the consequences of bad governance over the past two decades and its impact the quality of services , including justice . Access to justice to resolve land disputes , domestic or criminal cases is essential for the development and the rule of law. Otherwise , corruption and lack of faith of citizens in their government may perpetuate insecurity and poverty . Obtain updated information on the quality , efficacy and user perceptions on justice servicesremains a major problem in almost all legal systems worldwide . Official statistics include the number and type of cases heard , or possibly on the duration of the trial, rather than on the quality or level of satisfaction of stakeholders. And policy makers often have to refer on surveys and ad hoc studies to assess the quality of these services. This poses a problem for the establishment of a judicial policy based on evidence and meet the needs of citizens. Thanks to an innovative approach to using ICTOxfam aims to fill this gap and enable citizens,particularly women , to give their views on the formal and informal legal services in real time , and identify problems and possible in order to improve their quality solutions. This data can also be usedto hold the government responsible for the poor quality orlack of services simply . Oxfam will build on its experience of other countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo to help put in place processes and mechanisms for communities and authorities of justice (police, gendarmerie, the paralegals , lawyers, magistrates , local authorities ) to establish a regular dialogue and institutional # for improving the quality of legal services , prevention of violations of human rights and ensuring justice for victims. The information collected through anonymous SMS and other channels as a basis for dialogue. The Empowerment of citizens in the area of justice in Mali " hereinafter called the Project" is based on decades of experience of Oxfam in Mali and elsewhere in support of civil society faire de awareness on human rights and women,the provision of essential services for vulnerable women , and a good remedy for violations of rights. Oxfam now wants to use his experience to build the capacity of citizens, especially women, to monitor the provision of legal services and direct dialogue with the authorities in order to improve these services . The project will build the experience of Oxfam and our partners and DemeSo WILDAF over the past fiveyears in the training of paralegals, the sensibilization communities to improve their knowledge of the justicesystem , and the deployment of mobile legal clinics rural communities. The project will also incorporate the lessons of research conducted by HiiL and set embodied by DemeSo WILDAF and the perception of justice. Advocacy for taxes of Extractive Industries

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