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Empowerment and raising voice of ethnic


01/15 - 03/16


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In June 2014, a three-day conference to discuss sustainable development in the remote Northern mountainous regions of Vietnam was organized by the World Bank and Thai Nguyen University. The conference, Sustainable Development and Ethnic Minority Poverty Reductionin Mountainous Regions , aimed to discuss opportunities for sustainable poverty reduction in the region drawing from lessons of successful experiences in Vietnam and elsewhere. Participants include government officials at both central and provincial levels, researchers, business people, development partners and practitioners including from other countries. The EMWG thematic discussion paper provided deep analysis of critical issues in achieving sustainable development of ethnic minorities in Vietnam. Six important topics were concisely presented as listed below: - A lack of representation and participation of ethnic minority in policy formation - A fragmented policy framework and lack of coordination - Discrimination and Stigma - Education - Livelihoods - Land rights. The sharing welcomed more than 30 participants from development organizations and research institutions. Representatives of Caritas Switzerland and Helvetas presented about their projects in Ha Giang, Cao Bang and Hoa Binh provinces. They shared their good practices in promoting local participation in socio-economic development activities in their communities. The integration of local people into agricultural activities and public administrative management would ensure a sustainable development in ethnic minority areas.

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