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Community / Land projects / Endangered Ecosystems of Northern Tanzania (EenT)

Endangered Ecosystems of Northern Tanzania (EenT)


09/15 - 03/21


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This activity intends to strengthen landscape scale conservation in the northern geographical landscape of Tanzania, in support of the USAID/Tanzania Natural Resource Management (NRM) Activity strategy for 2014-2018. This activity will contribute to biodiversity and climate change results in support of achieving the overall NRM Project goal of Stewardship of Natural Resources Improved. Key objectives of U.S. Government (USG) assistance are sustaining critical wildlife habitats, reducing wildlife poaching, reversing land degradation, restoring watersheds, and improving community livelihoods through conservation enterprises. Activities also target sustainable agriculture and agroforestry, trade and private sector initiatives such as, tourism, honey and coffee. USAID/Tanzania strives to improve Natural Resource Management (NRM) through livelihood driven approaches in targeted ecosystems, river basins and landscapes. Supporting a landscape scale approach, the USAID NRM project involves developing and implementing key national environmental policies, and supporting local rights to resources by expanding community based conservation as a tool for shared benefits and decision-making over local resources. The project has a strong focus on engaging women and youth and maximizing local engagement to create greater sustainability.