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Community / Land projects / Enhancing gender equity through technical support provision

Enhancing gender equity through technical support provision


01/18 - 12/22


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This project aims at promoting participation of women and young people in adequate housing and rural development programs. Further it aims at promoting womens' access to land through supporting review of existing legislations and building capacities of existing land administrative structures on gender equality and women's rights. It is expected that, more women and young people will experience increased access to resources for theor developemnt including land. Further it is expected that more women and young people will participate in housing and rural development intiatives.


Organisational gender audits have been undertaken for six partner organisations in Tanzania (Mviwata Arusha, Mviwata Kilimanjaro, TAHEA, Mwanza rural housing, TAFSUS and SHTG). The partner has further sensitized leaderships of these organisations on gender equality. Further, the partner has supported awareness sessions on women land rights, women empowerment and youth (especially) females participation in development initiatives. As a result of engaging religious and cultural leaders, some men have accepted to give their daughters inheritance. Generally, women are receiving more space to get empowered to pursue their passions especially where core partners work in pastoral communities which are extremely patriarchal. The partner has gathered advocacy issues from the various value chains and is currently developing advocacy plans to ensure that duty bearers are engaged on areas that require their attention.