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Community / Land projects / Enhancing Young Peoples’ Access to Adequate Housing (EYPAH)

Enhancing Young Peoples’ Access to Adequate Housing (EYPAH)


01/18 - 12/22


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To enhance the quality of life for women, men and young people through increased access to sustainable adequate housing by 2023. Expected results; Increased capacity of MUMYO to deliver services to women and youth in greater Mukono area, Increased engagement between authorities and communities on issues of water sanitation hygiene and livelihoods, Demonstration of environmentally sustainable housing practices, Enhanced information sharing on WASH and housing practices for women young people and men, Enhanced access to housing finance and businesses in greater Mukono area , Women young people and men in greater Mukono have sustainable businesses, Increased participation and leadership of women and young people in district development plans, Enhanced access to women and young people's land rights


The organisation has recruited project manager and project accountant. Leaders trained on Cooperative Housing model. The Project Manager participated in a workshop on access to adequate housing. Developed a 5-year strategic plan and key operational manuals (HR, Finance and procurement).