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Community / Land projects / Evaluation, Research and Communication Land Tenure TO

Evaluation, Research and Communication Land Tenure TO


08/12 - 09/20


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The purpose of this activity is to: 1) conduct evaluations and research on E3/Land Tenure and Resource Management's (E3/LTRM) "Property Rights" programs as they relate to forests, sustainable agriculture, and natural resource management, facilitating learning to enhance biodiversity conservation for programmatic design and implementation; and 2) communicate those results to all interested parties. The end result will be improved data, communication and training on property rights interventions, leading to better, more cost-effective interventions. Results will contribute to better informed investments in property rights programs and subsequently better outcomes for climate smart agriculture, women's economic empowerment, increased forest and/or tree cover as a critical biodiversity habitat, climate change adaptation and reduced conflicts over natural resources. This task order advances E3/LTRM's technical leadership. Cloudburst Group is the Prime Partner for this activity. Cloudburst Group needs to be added to the Operational Plan database.