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Community / Land projects / F.a: Defence of the Territory and Peace Building in Colombia

F.a: Defence of the Territory and Peace Building in Colombia


01/14 - 12/15


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The program promotes the human rights of the indigenous, Afro Colombian and other vulnerable peoples in Colombia, strengthens the disaster preparedness and food security of the communities in the departments of Chocó and Arauca and in the municipality of Soacha. As a result of 50 years of armed conflict in Colombia, of one of the most unequal societies in the world and of violation of human rights there are over 5 million intern refugees in the country. The program aims to reduce human suffering by support ing the work of local partner organizations in strengthening of the communities in the program area. The approximately 16 local partner organizations work to defend land rights, strenghten food security and protect human rights defenders. By the end of the current program phase the capacity of networking of the local organizations has been strenghtened, human rights defenders have better protection, food security has been improved by promoting more sustainable crop varieties and improved cultivation technic s, and the disaster preparedness of the communities has improved through training and capacity building. The program is implemented by the Lutheran World Federation/Department of World Service as the Colombia Country Program.