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F.a: Indonesia Country Programme


01/14 - 12/16


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The aim of the programme is to conserve the mountain rainforests in Muller-Schwaner area in Borneo. The area is rich in biodiversity and home to many endemic species. Also thousands of people, including indigenous groups, live in the area. However, biodive rsity and local livelihoods are threatened by unsustainable development and infrastructure. Poor governance of natural resources is a direct and indirect cause of habitat, biodiversity, productivity loss by preventing or undermining enabling conditions and incentives for sustainable use. Deforestation, driven by timber logging and forest conversion to palm oil plantations, is one of the key challenges. Also mining is becoming an increasing problem in the area.The expected result of the programme is that an effective conservation management and equitable customary land-use are in place in Muller-Schwaner area. Improvement of land ownership of local communities and strengthening of the environmental legislation and governance principles are in the focus of our approach. At the same time we are influencing the companies working in the area to adopt sustainable approaches and strengthening of local livelihoods through green economy. These all factors reduce pressure on forests and support the long-term wellbeing of people and nature in the area.Beneficiaries: People living in the area, local district governments and local NGOs/CSOs.Implementor: WWF Indonesia ( Cooperation partners: Gunung Lumut Muller Foundation, Indigenous People Aliance (h ttp://, SUAR Institute (, PRCF (People Resource Conservation Foundation) (, FASDA Sawit Lestari Sustainable Palm oil-Facilitator.