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F.a: Indonesia Country Programme


01/23 - 12/23


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In Indonesia, the programme operates in Borneo and West Papua. These areas are home to the world?s richest biodiversity, which is threatened by unsustainable use of land. The area is home to many iconic animal species, such as the extremely endangered Borneon orangutan and the wood kangaroo, whose habitats are in danger due to the loss of forests. In addition, the area holds significant cultural diversity. In Borneo, the programme will be implemented in the Muller-Schwaner and Arabella regions of Central- and West-Kalimantan and in West Papua, the Tambrauw region. WWF works with local CSOs as well as indigenous and local communities in both areas. In the Muller-Schwaner and Arabella areas, the landscape area is under pressure due to logging and the development of road infrastructure. In addition, densely populated areas and a lack of alternative livelihoods pose challenges to the landscape area. In West Papua, threats include the development of road infrastructure, illegal logging, mining and illegal poaching of wildlife. The West Papua landscape is relatively new to WWF Indonesia. With the project, it is hoped that 10 years of successful conservation work in Borneo will be replicated in Papua. The aim is to transfer successful nature conservation practices from Borneo to Papua, improve indigenous people?s rights to land, support the establishment of indigenous community conserved areas, support inclusive and sustainable land use planning and forest support, and to strengthen the capacity of CSOs to become a strategic partner of the government in nature conservation. In addition, it aims to support indigenous communities in economic development and market access. Implemented by: WWF Indonesia Partners: local governments, private sector, local CBOs and CSOs, local communities