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Community / Land projects / F.a: Land and Livelihood Advocacy Development Project (LLAP)

F.a: Land and Livelihood Advocacy Development Project (LLAP)


01/13 - 12/16


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The number of land conflicts has been significantly increased over the last 10 years in Cambodia. However, the 2001 land law was adopted following other supporting mechanisms. The land demarcation done by the relevant authorities and also the youth volunte ers (following Directive 01) has not been clear especially in the land conflict areas. Both the citizens and authorities who have been involved in the conflict and conflict resolution found the difficulties in addressing the issues without statistics and l ack of information. Moreover, lack of land certificate and overlapping in certificates has put the land demarcation in difficulties.The aim of Land and Livelihood Advocacy Project (LLAP) is to provide capacity building on basic Alternative Dispute resoluti on (ADR), Family Law, Land Rights and Land Registration, Advocacy, Women Rights, and other relevant laws through trainings, awareness raising, workshops, commune forums, meetings and dialogue. Expected results: people at the target areas are aware of ADR, their rights are fulfilled and dealing with issues is done in a peaceful manner. This will be achieved when community members are aware of the responsibilities of government and duty-bearers [such as District/Khan Cadastral Commissions (DKCC), Commune Coun cils (CCs), Local Authorities (LAs)] have improved capacity on Alternative Dispute Resolution and land law to fulfill, to protect and respect communities’ rights. Thus the capacity of the duty-bearers will be strengthened to be able to fulfill their obli gations to realise the rights of the communities. Rights- holders /beneficiaries: At least 31,787 households located in 25 villages at selected LWD programme areas in Kampong Speu, Kampong Chhnang, Pursat, Battambang provinces will benefit from the project . The district Cadastral Commission, local authorities and LWD staff will benefit from the project through capacity building on Alternative Dispute Resolution. Life with Dignity (LWD) has been working together with FCA in partnership for over 20 years to i mprove the livelihoods of the poor and marginalized in rural Cambodia, engaging both rights-holders and duty-bearers.