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Community / Land projects / F.a: Promoting Land Rights and Access to Justice Albertine Region in Uganda

F.a: Promoting Land Rights and Access to Justice Albertine Region in Uganda


01/23 - 12/23


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Buliisa Initiative for Rural Development Organization (BIRUDO) was founded in 2006 and is registered as a local NGO in Uganda. The organisation?s office is in Buliisa, north-western Uganda. BIRUDO?s mission is to improve the livelihoods of the local communities and the focus areas of the organisation are education, health, environment, natural resources and extractive industry governance, livelihood, income and food security. BIRUDO engages with communities affected by development projects through a variety of means, including ?know your rights? workshops and other initiatives to increase legal literacy; support for community-based paralegals; and trainings on the use of the Right to Information laws and advocacy. BIRUDO supports access to justice for affected communities by supporting them in mediations, hiring lawyers to represent them in court, and linking them with global networks to help file complaints with international development banks. BIRUDO works closely with affected communities to advocate for land rights and adequate compensation when their land is taken for development projects. BIRUDO builds relationships between communities facing development-related human rights concerns and other groups in BIRUDO?s networks. They exchange strategic information and resources, strengthen capacities, and engage in collective action that enables us to defend human rights and promote community-led priority-setting and decision-making. Overall Project Goal: To contribute to promotion of land and properties rights and access to justice in Albertine Region in Uganda by 2024. Specific Project Objectives:Objective 1: To increase land laws, policies, procedures, oil-related policies, national climate change policy and Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) principles awareness in Albertine Region in Uganda by 2024. Objective 2: To reduce land rights violation cases and human rights abuses in Albertine Region in Uganda by 2024.