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FLC: Green Art Center/I Think Green


06/16 - 12/18


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ZLA?s key areas of work include ie. research advocacy and providing support to communities to map and document their rights to land. In Zambia land rights directly influence the livelihoods of communities since in Zambia agriculture supports the livelihood s of over 70% of the population. 78% ofwomen in Zambia are engaged in agriculture compared with 69% of men. The dual land tenure system and lack of a coherent land registry has resulted in a largely fragmented legal framework for gaining access to land and this insecurity is specifically affecting for persons with disabilities widows and other vulnerable households The project will increase the knowledge of PWDs and other vulnerable households on land rights and administration by establishing CLACs forming study circles training citizen journalists and conducting community awareness meetings. Access to justice will be enhanced by setting up paralegal desks and the training of local court staff in targeted districts as a result approachability to land institu tions and related services for PWDs and other vulnerable households will greatly be improved. Research on land rights for PWDs and other vulnerable groups will also be undertaken allowing for an evidence-based advocacy approach to be adopted by ZLA.