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Community / Land projects / FLC/ZLA Secured Land Access and Rights for All (SLARA)

FLC/ZLA Secured Land Access and Rights for All (SLARA)


06/13 - 12/15


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Project further educates the 40 young indigenous peoples representatives that the organization have capacitated earlier about the cultural and legal rights of the indigenous peoples in order them to better defend those rights and take possible injustices t o the legal instance. The education concentrates especially on questions of land law rights and right of access to health care. Educating the indigenous peoples own representatives to defend their rights serves the aim of spreading the knowledge and multip lication of effects among the communities. Furthermore empowerment enables better monitoring detection and following-up of violations of the rights. Also representatives of three different indigenous peoples organizations are capacitated on these issues. A s well a situation report about the state of the indigenous peoples rights and legal problems encountered by the communities will be published to increase awareness in the whole society and to enhance the implementation of the legal rights.