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Community / Land projects / FLC/ZLA Secured Land Access and Rights for All (SLARA)

FLC/ZLA Secured Land Access and Rights for All (SLARA)


06/15 - 12/15


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The overall aim of this project is to support communities to perform proactive and sustained participatory forest management that is fair adaptive and resilient to change thus maximizing the long-term positive outcomes for local people and the environment. The specific objectives include: Train and supervise three communities to undertake practical forest management through early burning-which increases forest productivity and reduces loss; Work with communities and district authorities to adapt three VLFRs to overcome land disputes and identify novel ways to safeguard them against future encroachment; and Provide training in three communities to improve VLFR governance and local capacity to effectively and transparently manage forest based income.Expected o utcomes and activities to be implemented under each outcome are: Communities are actively managing forests which are more productive as a result;- fire management training Practical early burning and Burned area monitored Participatory forest management i s adapted to mitigate land disputes and encroachment- Resurveying VLFR boundaries Negotiating revenue sharing with neighbouring communities Better community - level natural resource governance and accountability:- training on leadership and accountability Training on financial record keepingThe project will be implemented in four forest dependent rural communities in Kilwa District: Nanjirinji A with a population of 5 130 Likawage with a population of 5 994 Kikole with a population of 1 395 and Kisangi with a population of 924. thus the activities mentioned above are likely to benefit more than 15 000 rural Tanzanian.