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Community / Land projects / Food security and sustainable NRM

Food security and sustainable NRM


01/14 - 12/14


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In 3 districts: Atsaphone, Saybouathong and Thapangthong (63 villages) following the criteria: ethnic minority, poor communities, rural, interested in NORMAI#s way of working and main objectives following: 1. Food security: # Poor households increased their foodsecurity, through increased production and increased cash income. # Community has increased its understanding of and skills relatedto food production <(>&<)> marketing. 2. Natural resource management: # Communities have legally established conservation areas through land use planning. # Communities have the capacity to manage natural resources in a sustainable way. # Communities are aware of their rights and obligations related to land and natural resources. 3. Civil society building: #Civil society organisations have increased their capacity to identify and work effectively with poor and marginalized poor towards improved livelihoods. # Civil society organisations demonstrate good governance, # Civil society organisations have improved their organizational systems to increase their efficiency and impact. 4. Organisational development: # Staffs have ability to perform according to their job-description. # NORMAI has a system and culture in place for organisation-wide learning andknowledge management. # NORMAI is demonstrating good governance practices and has a clear framework for self-regulation in place. # NORMAI has documented and communicated its new and adjusted processes and systems and all staff are aware and understandthese.

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