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Community / Land projects / Fostering Agricultural Productivity Project in Mali (PAPAM)

Fostering Agricultural Productivity Project in Mali (PAPAM)


10/11 - 12/17


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The project aims to increase the productivity of smallholder agricultural and agribusiness producers among 60,000 households in the targeted production systems (irrigated rice and vegetables, rain-fed cereals, cowpea, fodder, livestock), covering five regions: Mopti, Segou, Sikasso, Kayes and Bamako/Koulikoro. the project supports the development of infrastructure with a focus on water management, which will contribute to the development of 1,500 ha of new small-scale village gravity-fed irrigation systems and to the development of 3,100 ha of lowland along a sustainable practice of collecting water. On land and natural resource governance, the project proposes a series of options for land tenure and technical and financial opportunities for farmers who will move to the newly created areas to encourage them to invest and increase their contribution to the construction costs.