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Community / Land projects / Frame agreement with NGO (Siemenpuu)

Frame agreement with NGO (Siemenpuu)


01/14 - 12/14


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The project intervention basically aims to strengthen and building the capacity of the Adivasi communities and to make them capable of addressing the issues encountered and control over the natural resources and ownership. This will be attained through the empower + awareness of Adivasi community and strengthening of adivasi organisations. The strengthening of the Adivasi community will address the important issues such as ? Land rights, forest rights with especial focus to community forest rights and PESA. Addressing the problems thereby providing a suitable platform to raise the issues at respective authority and legalise the control over the resources and ownership as well as check the exploiters, To enrich the adivasi traditions and culture of adivasis a nd finally to build the capacity so that the adivasis can raise their voice to independently access their rights to livelihood and dignity.