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G4INDO Indonesia


09/14 - 09/17


This project is part of


Geodata for upgrading small holders’ farming systems in Indonesia


The primary purpose of the G4INDO project is to assist the Government of Indonesia in its efforts to formulate and implement a financially viable and sound crop insurance policy for smallholder rice-based farmers. More in particular, the project will: • provide technical assistance to the design and implementation of the crop insurance policy in general and to 200,000 farmers in particular. • Monitor the growth of rice crops of 200,000 farmers using radar and optical satellite technology. • Analyse deviations from expected crop development and yields using weather information and crop growth models. The secondary purpose of the project is to: • Provide 200,000 farmers with seasonal forecasting information and expected crop yields supporting decision-making of farmers on growing a third crop. This information reaches the farmers through the agricultural extension system of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Target Groups

G4INDO is aimed at smallholder rice farmers on Java, Indonesia. These farmers typically have land holdings smaller than 2 hectares, many of them have even less than 1 hectare. Land ownership is also highly fragmented and parts of the fields are cultivated on a sharecropping basis.

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