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Community / Land projects / General contribution to Global Witness 2013-2015

General contribution to Global Witness 2013-2015


09/13 - 11/14


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Global Witness seeks to prevent natural-resource related conflict and violence by improving natural resource-related regulatory reform and governance to address the potential for natural resource revenues to become a target for state looting and corruption and tackling the complicity of the trade, financial and associated sectors in facilitating corruption and conflict. Global Witness has three stated main objectives (results and indicators are included in the funding application): ¿ Conflict - stopping natural resources from being the cause of conflict, and from financing conflict and human rights abuses. ¿ Environmental governance - stop forest destruction, end abusive and secret land deals, promote the rights and voice of local people and examine unsustainable demand and inequitable distribution of resources. ¿ Corruption - prevent resources being siphoned off and used to prop up corrupt, greedy and unaccountable elites. Global Witness¿ theory of change is based on the logic that in order to ensure that revenue from natural resources drives peaceful and sustainable development in the world¿s poorest countries, the global legal framework, the policies of governments and multilateral bodies and the behaviour of private companies and financial institutions must be changed. In order to achieve this three areas of activities are conducted: ¿ Investigate. ¿ Expose and inform. ¿ Advocate for systemic change

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